Wow.. it has been… a while since I’ve posted anything. There isn’t really a point to this post. Just thought I’d say, well, HI! how are you? How was your summer? Mine was great, thanks for asking. I got to go to the American Idol Season 8 live concert at GM place in Vancouver! It was held on July 8th. Still excited about that!!!
Well, I’m glad to assume you had a good summer,
talk to you soon,

Looking Back

Summer is almost here and gets me thinking about the past year, and the year ahead. Our class has experienced so many things and we still will up until the dismissal bell rings at 2:30 pm on June 25th. The last day of school.

Some of the highlights of the year included…

  • Our juggling routines we made. Ours was… Interesting. Yeah. Interesting is probably the best word for that…um…. Experience that was indeed… interesting.
  • Another would definitely be our camping trip we took back in September. Sure, I go to Hornby a lot because I have a cabin there, but this trip was really fun. Even though, my friend Tina and I slept in a tent the size of a bathroom stall… That’s okay. They usually do the camping trip at the end of the year in early June but this time they wanted to have it at the beginning of the year to start friendships. The only thing I don’t think they thought of was that there were almost no new kids in grade 6 at our school this year. Oh well. The weather was good at least. Thank goodness.
  • One more good thing about this year would be… Our blogs! To be honest, I think that helped our friendships more than the camping trip. Once again, oh well!

If you are a student and you are reading this you’re year may be coming to an end too. So, I want to know… What was you’re most memorable moment of the school year?


Picture by: jmrosenfeld1


Not just a colour… But a way of life.

Yellow. The colour filled with lemons and other yellow objects. It is my FAVOURITE colour. If you didn’t catch that… I like the colour yellow. I have created this photo story to express my emotions for this fab colour. Dramatic, right? Enjoy this expressive, bright, happy, yellow, smiley, video… Oh yeah! It is about the colour yellow.


Me, Me, Me!

What does me wanna be when me grows up?…. I don’t know. Wait this just in…. I know what I wanna be when me… I grow up.

I have really always wanted to be a trial lawyer beause I enjoy spirited debates. I would really like that job but if I want to go to law school that means I have to get a scholarship because there is no way I am going to pay for it alone. 8 years? With out a scholarship? Not going to happen.

Or… My absolute dream job would be… THE PERSON WHO SINGS CHEESY SONGS ON KIDS SHOWS! Yeah! That would be really fun! And totally embarrassing but I think I crossed that line when I when I did the hokey poky for intermission at the school talent show! It was so much fun. We were dressed as 80’s aerobics instructors and we got up on that stage willingly and got the whole school doing the hokey poky… Voluntarily! Awesome right?! Don’t answer that question.

This post was 156 1/2 .5 and 6 hundredths% inspired by Chelsea.

Thanks for reading,

-Sophie 🙂


Over the past 2 weeks our class has been working with Franziska and Josh from Arts Umbrella. Using a web cam, we took hundreds of pictures using two different programs. Motion Sequence and Multiple Exposure. Haley and I used Motion Sequence for this particular photo. It is a picture of a broken battery charger. INTENCE! Once I put a non-rechargable battery in the charger and it sort of… BOOM!… Actually, I did that twice. He he… Woops!

In Motion Sequence there many different grids you can use. For this picture we used 4 by 1 and made the border really big to create this… Masterpiece???

I really like this picture because of the border and the slant it is on. The thing I would change would probably be making sure that you can see the whole word because you can’t really read it.

Today our class went to Mark Isfeld to watch a performance put on my the grade 11 and 12’s and a grade 4 class from our school. It was…. Interesting.

What do you think of my photo?

Photo by: ME!

P.S. Guess what? My blog has reached it’s goal of 1000 visits! Actually 1025!



One of My Own

I have been tagged in the past, but this time I am starting a taggy-posty thing myself. One of my own! If you know me well, then it is very clear that I am a little random…. Well, maybe a lot. But I can’t be held responsible for my actions… So…Yeah…. Any who. My taggy-posty thing is:

What are the top 13 chart busting lines you would say to a telemarketer or recording on the phone?

My reply is:

  1. Yellow?!
  2. Hi mom.
  3. No I don’t want any cookies.
  4. Yes I’m voting on Tuesday.
  5. I will consider it.
  6. Yes my refrigerator is running.
  7. Is this my therapist? I need to make an appointment.
  8. Subway, eat fresh.
  9. I don’t care that your cat’s in a tree… This isn’t the fire department.
  10. Hello? Yeah I am going to hang up now. Yeah, okay you do that… Bye.
  11. What’s that.. hm… I see… Yes, yes… I totally understand. And how do you feel about that?
  12. This is a friendly reminder from blockbuster. Our records indicate that YOU HAVE SOME OVER DUE ITEMS! GO RETURN THEM LITTLE MISS “I’M A RECORDING,”!
  13. Say what?!

Well what are yours? I have decided that I am not going to tag people for this one… I am just going to put this post out there so people don’t feel pressured to respond. Please feel free to write a post like this on your blog but please let me know if you do because I have no way of knowing. Anyway,

Thanks for reading!

-Sophie 🙂

P.S. Yes, that is a cellphone in the toilet. That person must have been pretty ticked about those pesky telemarketers.

Photo by: jurveston

All Rise… Post Prisiding

Right now our unit in Social Studies is Justice. We have been learning all about Canadian court and we have even been to court ourselves with the accused….. The third little pig, and the big bad wolf, but that’s another story.

What Is It Like to Enter a Canadian Courtroom?

Leading up to the building is generally very nicely landscaped and very community friendly and most of the time has a Canadian flag. I believe represents respect for our country. The building itself is very formal. It seems to say “This is not a joking matter.” When you enter the building you have to go through security. There is usually a sign that says “remove all metal objects before entering metal detector”. There is also a lot of no smoking signs. When you get into the courtroom you take your seats in the designated area. If the accused is in custody at the time they sit in the prisoner box. The court clerk is the official assistant to the judge and enter and exits close behind her/him and also sits in front of him.

5 People Present in a Canadian Court Room

Judge: If there is no jury, the judge makes the final decision after listening carefully to the stories from witnesses, victims…etc. If the accused is guilty, he/she decides the punishment. One quality I think a judge should have it would be not a pushover. If the accused starts telling a sob story about his family the judge should not give in or be “moved” in any way.

Press: The press is welcome in the courtroom to report trials. They are not allowed to take any pictures and the judge is allowed to tell press not to record some info. Automatic ban if one reports the names of people under 18. One quality I think someone involved in the media should have would be listening carefully, because if they miss an order from the judge or Crown Prosecutor, they’re job may be prosecuted.

Court Reporter: The court reporter records everything that is said in the courtroom. In order to do so well, They sit next to the witness stand to hear everything. They record using a special machine or by typing it. One quality a court reporter should have would be quick fingers for typing.

Investigating Officer: The investigating officer is the police officer that… well… Investigated the scene. They know all about the case so they make sure that the Crown Prosecutor has the correct info. One quality I think an Investigating Officer should have would be communication. They would have to be able to communicate clearly to the Crown Prosecutor.

Court Clerk: This person is the assistant to the judge. The court clerk prepares the schedule, reads charges against the accused, calls court to order, and makes sure witnesses swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. One quality a court clerk should have would definitely be organization.

What Makes The Process Fair?

I absolutely, totally, 100% believe in justice because no one should be hurt or punished with out being proven guilty. It’s not fair. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, if proven guilty at all. One major thing that makes a trial fair would be that every one’s story is heard. But one thing I am totally against is that the accused does not speak. They are innocent at the trial because they are not yet guilty there for their side should be heard and considered. If you think so, please, let me know!

Post adjourned!



This is a post that I have neglected to publish. For years I have been nagging my parents to let me get my ears pierced and I remember them saying, “when you’re 12!”. I thought the big one two would never come. Guess what? It did.

On Good Friday on the Easter weekend, my mom took me to ‘Peoples’. FINALLY. This was my birthday present. My birthday was actually on the 26th, but that’s another story. I was really nervous because all my friends told me it didn’t hurt but I didn’t believe them. I thought 100% that they were lying. They weren’t. It didn’t hurt at all. Let’s back this up a bit. When we got there, I went over to this little stand to pick my earrings. I got these really cute studs with little square diamonds. They were 14 carrot gold. Even though they were silver… Yeah… Anyway…. Then they loaded… dramatic pause… The gun. That sounds really harsh…(Gasp) I sat down in the chair and they cleaned my ears. After that they dotted my ears with a purple marker. Awesome, right? PURPLE! Any who, they counted to three. One… Two…. Three…. CLICK.

It didn’t hurt AT ALL. If any readers are out there and are wanting to get there ears pierced, Don’t worry at all. Take it from me. It doesn’t hurt. It’s like someone  pinching your ear. It’s not that bad and it is totally worth it.

After they were done they told us to go to a place called ‘Faces and Shear’ to get stuff to clean my ears.

That was about 4 weeks ago and I survived so don’t worry if you are getting your ears pierced. This weekend I am aloud to change them and I have a few funky earrings that I will be wearing in the very near future.

When we left ‘Faces and Shear’ we went to ‘Starbucks’! My absolute favourite beverage destination. But like I said…. That’s another story.

Photo by: BabyEksy

It’s Only April…

But I already know what I am being for Halloween!

You may have noticed that on Sam and Chelsea‘s blogs, that they have changed they’re theme. Chelsea is “Batsea” as in Batman and Sam is “Spider-Sam”. A whole bunch of us want to go trick-or-treating together as superheroes! You can probably tell by my blog banner that I am going as SUPERMAN! He is my absolute favorite superhero. He is above all superheroes in my eyes. For Halloween, all the girls are being male superheroes and all the guys are being female superheroes. That will definitely be interesting. It is probably easier for us because there is way more male superheroes. The only girl superheroes are…. um… Wonder-Woman, Super-girl, Bat-girl, Cat woman….. um…. That can’t be all.. Do you know any?

A Hero

What is a hero? You don’t have to have superpowers to be a hero. You don’t have to be brave or strong. Like in “The Wizard of Oz”, the Tin Man didn’t have a heart, but in the end, it didn’t matter because he believed that he was a hero, and you should too, because to someone somewhere, you are. You just have to care. Care enough to help someone when they need it most. That, is a true hero through my eyes. It doesn’t matter if you are tall, short, smart, average or even below average. YOU, are a hero. 

Photo By: TCM Hitchhiker